arithmetic code

arithmetic code
арифметический код

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  • Arithmetic coding — is a method for lossless data compression. Normally, a string of characters such as the words hello there is represented using a fixed number of bits per character, as in the ASCII code. Like Huffman coding, arithmetic coding is a form of… …   Wikipedia

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  • Code-excited linear prediction — (CELP) is a speech coding algorithm originally proposed by M.R. Schroeder and B.S. Atal in 1985. At the time, it provided significantly better quality than existing low bit rate algorithms, such as residual excited linear prediction and linear… …   Wikipedia

  • Arithmetic-geometric mean — In mathematics, the arithmetic geometric mean (AGM) of two positive real numbers x and y is defined as follows:First compute the arithmetic mean of x and y and call it a 1. Next compute the geometric mean of x and y and call it g 1; this is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Arithmetic and logical unit — Unité arithmétique et logique Pour les articles homonymes, voir UAL et ALU. L unité arithmétique et logique, abrégée UAL (ou bien ALU, Arithmetic Logic Unit en anglais), est l organe de l ordinateur chargé d effectuer les calculs. Le plus souvent …   Wikipédia en Français

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  • Finite field arithmetic — Arithmetic in a finite field is different from standard integer arithmetic. There are a limited number of elements in the finite field; all operations performed in the finite field result in an element within that field.While each finite field is …   Wikipedia

  • Affine arithmetic — (AA) is a model for self validated numerical analysis. In AA, the quantities of interest are represented as affine combinations (affine forms) of certain primitive variables, which stand for sources of uncertainty in the data or approximations… …   Wikipedia

  • Arbitrary-precision arithmetic — In computer science, arbitrary precision arithmetic indicates that calculations are performed on numbers whose digits of precision are limited only by the available memory of the host system. This contrasts with the faster fixed precision… …   Wikipedia

  • Fixed-point arithmetic — In computing, a fixed point number representation is a real data type for a number that has a fixed number of digits after (and sometimes also before) the radix point ( e.g. , after the decimal point . in English decimal notation). Fixed point… …   Wikipedia